When will my application be reviewed?

Covenants Committee meetings are held once each month. Their meeting schedule is published on the Association’s website and in our monthly e-newsletter. Any changes are shared on this website and on Brambleton Community Association’s Facebook page.

A decision letter will be mailed to your home address within a week informing you of the decision of your Design Review Application. Decision letters for applications that have been approved as submitted will be mailed via First Class U.S. Mail to the Brambleton address of the applicant. Decision letters for applications which have been approved with conditions or denied must be sent via Certified Return Receipt Mail so that the Association has proof of mailing. As a courtesy, a copy of the letter will also be sent via First Class U.S. Mail.

If you need the status of your application prior to receiving our letter, you may submit an email to inquire about your application status.

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