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Basic Dog Training - This set of eight Saturday morning classes is for puppies/doggies of all ages to teach owners the basics of training. How to properly communicate with your dog and develop confidence in the relationship. Offered by Lloyd Aguero, a renowned trainer and behaviorist with over 30 years of experience and a lifetime member of the National Association of of Dog Obedience Instructors. 

The first class will be a lecture for humans only, and is free.  The cost of the remaining 7 practical classes is $190.  

Behaviors covered include:

  • Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Come, Off
  • Controlled meeting of new people and other dogs
  • Walking with a loose leash (eliminate pulling)
  • Ability to be handled and touched without resistance

These classes also provide supervised dog socialization/play time to help improve doggie to doggie manners. 


August 12-September 30
For more information and to sign up call John-Henry Gross 703 629-0972 or go to