BCA Governing Documents, Policy Resolutions & Rules

Living within a planned urban development governed by a community association provides many benefits, while at the same time requiring compliance with certain protective restrictions. It is important for you to understand your rights and obligations as a member of the Association. Prior to your settlement, you should have received copies of all relevant legal documents for the Association from the seller of your home. You are encouraged to read these materials thoroughly, become familiar with them, and retain them for future reference.

Brambleton began with a vision and purpose for the development of our community: establish and maintain gracious architectural qualities of neighborhood living with well-designed homes and thoughtfully placed landscaping. This style reflects attention to preserving the open park-like settings and integration of community amenities. The look of Brambleton gives our community its unique appeal and superb property value. In order to preserve this quality of life, the Brambleton Group established protective covenants that have guided Brambleton's development.

Brambleton covenants "run with the land," meaning they are attached to and benefit the land in perpetuity. Even though you many not be the original purchaser, the covenants continue to bind your property, and will be binding on all subsequent owners. It is the responsibility of each owner to ensure that tenants, household members, and guests are aware of and abide by the community covenants.  

Preservation of the Brambleton covenants is facilitated by property owners working together through their Community Association. The Brambleton Covenants Committee is empowered to consider violations of the Association documents and to take enforcement actions. The Committee also guides homeowners through the design review process to preserve high standards, protect property values, and enhance the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

The Association staff can assist you with questions or concerns regarding our community covenants. The Governing Documents can be found on this page.

BCA Bylaws

Declaration for Brambleton

Articles of Incorporation