Bram Bus

Where Do You Want to Go Today? 

Throughout the year, the BRAM Bus will take residents to and from some of the best venues in the area.  The schedule is always being updated with new information, so check back here often for new events and details! 

If there is a specific trip you would like to see the bus take, please send us an email as we are always looking for fun suggestions. 

PLEASE NOTE - The bus is for resident use only. Residents are allowed to purchase tickets for their guests. No unaccompanied minors allowed on the bus. 

*Minimum number of patrons are required in order for the bus to travel to each event. Minimums are listed for each event. If minimums are not met, you will be notified of cancellation and refunded your money. 

*Age Restrictions - minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

*Refund dates are listed under each bus trip. Once we pass the refund date, no refunds will be honored. 

*The bus may cancel due to weather conditions, road conditions, mechanical failure, or any issues that would impede passenger safety. In the event that the bus is cancelled, passengers will receive a full refund. 


* All times are estimated

Bram Bus

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