Design Review

Design Review Process

Essentially, all changes, permanent or temporary, to the exterior appearance of a building or lot are subject to review and approval by the Covenants Committee. The review process is not limited to major additions or alterations, such as adding a room, deck, or patio. It includes such minor items as changes in color and materials. Approval is also required when an existing item is to be removed.

Covenants Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Their meeting schedule is published on the Association’s website and in our quarterly magazine. Any changes are shared on the website and Facebook page.

Applicants are not required to attend the Covenants Committee meeting to have their application reviewed. The Committee meeting is an open meeting of the Association, and residents are welcome to attend. For applications received three days prior to the scheduled meeting, staff will review the application and contact owners to request additional information to complete the application. For projects with major construction, unique or complex features, staff or the applicant may initiate a request for a review appointment with the Covenants Committee.

Residents receive their decision letters by mail which are mailed within the week of the meeting. Decision letters for Applications that have been approved as submitted will be mailed via First Class US Mail, Certified mail or both to the Brambleton address of the applicant.  
If there is any doubt as to whether or not a proposed exterior change is exempt from design review and approval, homeowners should first seek clarification from the Covenants Committee before proceeding with the improvement.

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Application Review Procedures

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